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I’m going to meet him. And then… I’m going to crush him.

No. I’ll be the one dumping her.


A : Anger

My woman is Yoo Se Young, not the president of Dong Sung Group. I’m going to continue to call you by your name, Se Young-ssi. I’ll make sure that you don’t regret it.The time and your feelings. All of it.

- So, what kind of day is today to you?

-Who I am… what I do… a day that I can forget all that.

This is a candy that helps to fulfill love. I believe the words of people who say that if you confess with this candy, you succeed.

Jin Se-yeon and Hong Jong-hyun to be a new roco couple in “Police Family”

According to several film officials on Monday, September 1, actress Jin Se-yeon and actor Hong Jong-hyun were cast in movie “Police Family”

One of the officials said, “Jin Se-yeon will be playing a lovely and cute girl, and Hong Jong-hyun will also change his image to play a comical role.”

“Police Family” is a romantic comedy movie about a love story of a daughter (played by Jin) from a police family and a son (played by Hong) from a gang family. It will be directed by director Kim Jin-young of movie “Fortune Salon (2011),” “Clash of the Families (2011)” and “Tone-Deaf Clinic (2012),” and is scheduled to film this October.

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Jin Se Yeon for BNT International 4/4 + making video